Zip The Lips And Cut Out The Monkey Chatter

Zip The Lips You Are Saying The Wrong Things To Yourself

Zip the lips relates to the verbal side of negative language. You know when you drop something and call yourself all the names under the sun. You may say something like, “I am an Idiot.” At the same time, you may have a chuckle to yourself as you are saying it.

Now, is that true? Are you an idiot? No, of course, you aren’t. I know you don’t mean yourself any harm at all, But the truth is this another small nail in your mental coffin. The problem is that this occurrence happens all too often. The audible attack will assist greatly when it comes to reaffirming that you are not very good at all and this will permeate into everything that you the lips

It will seep into your psyche ever so slowly and over time will take hold of your mindset. So what can you do moving forward? I would strongly suggest teaching yourself the art of silence for that moment when you make a mistake smile and just laugh it off. It sounds so insignificant but it will become your way of deleting some of the negative garbage that comes your way daily.

In the Second World War, they had a saying, “Loose lips sink ships.” If you continually say the wrong things to yourself verbally you will lose some, if not all of your treasure. The treasure, in this case, is the great mindset that you have built up gradually.

Watch Out! There Is Something More Insidious Lurking About

Saying something out loud is one thing, but there lies a bigger problem for you, that is much more poisonous and toxic. The monkey chatter that goes on inside your head all the time. You must control the quiet stuff that only you can hear.

The audible voice may only be about 5% of the problem. The other 95% are your thought patterns and what you say to yourself on the inside. The monkey mind can destroy all the good that you have done. You must understand that everyone does this, but the key is how much of this you can eliminate from your life.

I remember when I was training for the marathon it was important, no critical to say the right things to yourself when you were running mile after mile. I would never say, “This is killing me.” or “I am aching.” I would say things like, “Easy and smooth.”

Small affirmations are vital if you want to stay on point in your network marketing business. Personally, I would say things like, “Great Communicator.” “Professional Recruiter.” or “Relaxed confidence.”

How do you feel about some of these words, venomous, destructive, harmful and injurious? These are words that will affect your mood, make you anxious and change your behavior. Replace words that pull you down for other words that uplift you.

The key is to watch what you say aloud, but eliminate the crap that comes out of your mouth. Control what goes on the inside as well, the brain chatter, because continuous exposure to poison will ace your future if you let it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Zip the lips and cut out the monkey chatter.