Wishing Instead Of Willing Is A Losing Hand

Wishing Instead Of Willing Ensures You Lose Before You Start

The 13th symptom of lack of persistence is wishing instead of willing

How many times have you had a daydream about winning the lottery? Think about this question, ‘Do you know anyone who has won big in a lottery? The chances are you haven’t met anyone who has. Am I right on that score?wishing instead of willing

Someone with a lottery mindset is always looking for something for nothing and we both know that it is extremely rare for this to happen, don’t we? So you have to have a better game plan for your life, wishing and hoping don’t cut it in the achievement stakes.

For some people wishing is all they have got and I can tell you what their bank balance is going to be next week, next year or 5 years, about the same. Things don’t change so what can you do? You can get stronger, wiser and come up with a better plan.

Now there is lots of hype out there in the world, especially on the internet, so you want to hitch the wagon to a winning team because if you refuse or neglect to take care of this, you are going to be left behind. It won’t be you sipping cocktails on the beach, it will be someone you know, maybe a relative or neighbor.

You know, when you look at them and say, ‘I am smarter than him, how did he get to be so successful?’ Because he saw an opportunity and went with it, that is all. So, what about you, are you going to keep letting opportunities pass you by or are you going to act promptly to improve your current financial situation?

Start tending to the crop now otherwise you will definitely have a scanty store come fall. Then when you look in the mirror, who you going to blame. There is only one person to blame and that is the person who should have planted the seed, the farmer, YOU.

Now there are plenty of choices out there in the world. Just find something that you like, whether it is a ground floor income opportunity with me or something else, just go ahead and do it. Remember, most people never do anything, so if you do then you put yourself in the top 10% straight away, but to move into the top 3% you will need to stop wishing and start willing your future.

Feel free to contact me to have a chat. I will always guide people and send people in the right direction, whether that is with me or not. I wish you all the success that you are willing to work towards.

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Paul Bursey

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Wishing instead of willing.