White Hot Burning Desire Will Win Through Every Time

White Hot Burning Desire Can Break Through The Toughest Barriers

A person who has a white hot burning desire is extremely hard to find. It is rare to find an individual who has a clear and compelling reason to move fast and succeed. That is just the way life is I am afraid. When you find that person or couple look after them well.

In fact, you may well have to move out of their way because you might hold them back. If that is the case then ring the bell because it doesn’t happen that often. It’s not about ego or jealousy here, it is about finding people who are smarter than you are and then guiding them as far as you possibly can.white hot burning desire

As a leader, you have to recognize talent and then nurture them. If they shoot past you fantastic. But this article is more about you and what you want. One of the reasons that you may not have reached the dizzy heights that you dreamed of at the beginning is probably because you haven’t developed this white hot burning desire for what it is that you seek or want.

Adversity Can Dictate Your Desire Level

How many times have we seen a Navy Seal or recruit for the SAS win through adverse and extremely rough conditions or circumstances? Do you think it is because they are tougher than the other candidates? Maybe it is.  In the end, it will come down to many things including perseverance, tenacity, courage and the will to win through at all costs.

But the main component here is having this white-hot burning desire to achieve or overcome some massive challenges in order to reach an outcome successfully.

Desire grips people with an insatiable appetite for action. If you have sufficient desire to succeed, nothing can stop you from becoming a winner, a leader, or a high performer. Darren Hardy

The speed of your success is controlled by a thermometer that has settings from 1 to 10. !0 being white hot burning desire and 1 relates to a tepid or weak level of apathy. So my question to you is this, “Where on the scale do you find yourself?”

This is an area that no-one can really help you with. You must have some strong reasons to get up early, hit it hard all day and get to bed late. It is your responsibility to find the will to win. It is the difference between winning and losing my friend. This can be your secret sauce and the number 1 asset in your success arsenal.

You’ve got to want it so bad that you will do anything legal, honest and ethical to get it. It is that simple.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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