Strive Versus Skive: What Category Do You Fall Into?

Strive Versus Skive. Are You A Striver Of A Skiver?

No matter what walk of life you examine you will find achievers and shirkers. It is just the way things are I am afraid. Strive versus skive, the grafters against the skulkers. Obviously, you will never change the way human beings react to their surroundings and employment.

Network marketers are not dissimilar to everyone else in the workplace. You have distributors who work their butt off and there are those who sit on the sidelines. strive versus skive

There is a big difference between a person who is plain lazy and someone just taking some time to coast along for a while. Some individuals deliberately avoid work altogether and look to others for their financial support.

Even elite athletes rest and take some time off. The difference is that the athlete is strategically recuperating for short amounts of time and won’t stay idle for long. Whereas the loafer or truant makes a career out of ducking productivity and will continue to malinger no matter what.

Healthy Striving Is Preferable To Permanent Inactive Lethargy

Personally, most of the time I have been a striver. I have striven or I have been working towards a target, a goal or a desired outcome. Yes, I have had a few lazy periods along the way, but generally speaking, I have been working on something useful, positive and uplifting. What about you?

It is always best to be an active participant in a worthwhile project, education program, business or sport rather than passively laying on the couch watching the world go by without your engagement.

Healthy striving is about taking part in or working towards some kind of achievement, without forgetting about the other important areas of your life, such as a partner, your family, your health or your mental well being.

We never want to get to that point where we are financially successful, but our significant other has since left us for a lack of awareness or care.

By all means, I am a firm believer in the striving part of the equation, but not at all costs and definitely avoiding becoming that unfit couch potato who lives until 25, but has to wait to die at 75.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Strive versus skive

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