Short Attention Span Threatens Your Future

A Short Attention Span Can Be Ineffective

I know that I have had to battle a short attention span when studying or learning something new. I have good days and I have bad days, but I am winning the fight over time. The scenario was usually the same, I would purchase a course to improve my business skills and struggle to finish it due to poor concentration and allowing myself to become distracted.

A short attention span also affects me when I am reading good books and watching live events on video. One of the reasons for this is impatience and another is having too much going on at one time. As an athlete, I could fully laser focus on the job at hand and get it done.short attention span

At the beginning of this year, I decided that enough was enough. Because I still needed to read, watch and study. I haven’t cracked the concentration thing yet, but it is going well at the moment.

One Of The Keys Is Full Immersion

I made a conscious decision to focus on just one thing. In this case my network marketing business and nothing else. The challenge was that I am a soccer/referee and I am in direct sales (solar panels). I was finding that I didn’t have enough time for everything.

Full immersion is the way forward and also not quitting when it doesn’t go well. You see quitting is the simple option for anyone who wants to take the easy way out and avoid concentrated work or mastery.

So I have one business that I am involved in and I will stay with it until I reach my desired outcome. I am eliminating the direct sales and cutting right down on the refereeing. I now do one to two days a week to keep fit.

I am definitely winning when it comes down to studying. I do this by being strict with my time and time blocking 50 minute chunks out of my day to complete courses that I purchased. You must love what you do to win this game though.

I want you to think about all the times when a short attention span has affected your life or business and sort things out so that you achieve what you want to achieve and don’t waste valuable time. I would like you to become effective with your time and not ineffective.

As I said a short attention span can really ace your future.

Information purposes

The average attention span in the 1980s was = 20 minutes.

The average attention span today is 9 seconds.


To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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