Self-Imposed Limitations Are The Death Of Momentum

Push Beyond Self-Imposed Limitations

Self-imposed limitations are the scourge of success. The amazing thing is that we do this to ourselves and we do not need the help of other people. We can talk ourselves into doing things that we shouldn’t and we can also talk ourselves out of anything. So we end up doing things that do not serve us and not doing the consistent fundamentals.

We are outstanding at pouring negative thoughts into our fragile psyche and like the bricklayer, we continue to place layer upon layer of uncertainties and doubts causing mayhem in our achievement armor. Unfortunately, we can do all of this before we get started on a new project or our network marketing business.self-imposed limitations

Who is guilty of this type of mental attack? Well, it seems most of us do this without thinking on a daily basis. We don’t seem to consider the full implications of limiting ourselves to fighting for the scraps left for the masses. Is this worrying to the network marketer? It should be because we need to surround ourselves with a positive environment as much as we possibly can.

The Key Is Delivering Results. But How Do We Achieve This?

We, as network marketers, must totally believe that the network marketing profession, the company and the product(s) we are marketing are the best out there. If you find yourself in the position where you do not truly believe that you are representing the best profession and all that goes with it, you must get out fast because this business will never work for you without a high level of belief.

Your mindset must be 100% spot on otherwise you will never develop the focus to survive the ups and downs. If you want the results then you have to go full blast and never look back. A lack of belief and a poor mindset will destroy any chance you have of creating the necessary consistent momentum.

There are not many things that you can control in this life, other than your thoughts, your mindset, your belief levels, your actions and how you react to situations. If you can get these right you have a shot at the title. You must expect to be a roaring success even if you have never had any kind of success before.

Banish these self-imposed limitations to where they belong and that is in the garbage can. Never hold yourself back from achieving your desired outcome. Believe that you can do virtually anything and move forward with the expectation of winning the game. Don’t hesitate to progress or resist achievement and never be reluctant to adopt the mindset of a champion.

The most important thing is that self-imposed limitations lower your self-image. You have to see yourself as a huge success first and then the rest will follow.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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