Push Hard Every Day. Become The Speedy Pacesetter

You Must Push Hard Everyday So That You Create A Hungry Culture

Sometimes we forget to inject intensity into our business. We have to teach ourselves to push hard every day. It is easy to get caught in the trap of just keeping busy, instead of cracking on at a fast pace.

Network Marketing loves speed and hates slowness. We all need a rocket up our rear end, so that rapid motion becomes a daily habit. Most people hold themselves back or go too slow. The result of this, is that boredom sets in, as well as frustration, because of the lack of results.

Slow and steady never wins the race. In fact, if you are unhurried, you will probably fall asleep and then wake up to find that your ship has sailed without you.

Urgency Has To Rule The Day

In network marketing you cannot wait around and you must get on with building your business quickly. People are attracted to those people who are passionate and excited. Potential partners want to know that they have joined the best team around. push hard every day

In other words, a leader has to show a degree of urgency, because if the leader doesn’t, then the team members won’t either. You want to follow a leader who says,”I am going to the top. Who is coming with me?”

Remember there are two days that don’t count in Network Marketing, yesterday and tomorrow. There is only now to make those calls and get people on that presentation.

You May Have To Change Your Approach To Life

Apart from expecting success, you need to be around unsettled and unsatisfied people. These people are called entrepreneurs, mainly because they don’t just settle with ordinary. You must align yourself with strong minded people, so that you can become the strong yourself.

You may well have to change your daily habits. If you currently go to the gym at midday, you may want to switch to much earlier in the day. Generally speaking, winners get up earlier than most.

If you want to be around tenacious and intense people, then find when they are about and be there. A gym is just one area to take a look at. The pace in the middle of the day is slower than first thing in the morning.

The speed of the group matters. If you want speed than finding a faster group of people to hang around with. You are at the pace of your team. It isn’t growing fast enough, up your pace.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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