Move On Quickly Don’t Waste Time

Move On Quickly Remain Mentally Strong

Move on quickly relates to momentum and remaining where you are. In short, I mean stagnation in your prospecting and sponsoring efforts. You have to keep in motion whilst conducting your network marketing business. If you stop the chances are you will never get going again.

This is where mental strength comes into play when you are approaching individuals. Be professional in everything that you are engaged in. You must have a sense of urgency but at the same time conduct your business with a relaxed confidence and intensity.move on quickly

When talking to people make sure that you detach yourself from the outcome of each contact with a person. You must remain enthusiastic and work the system as it should be worked. There will be a time when you have large bursts of action but find a happy medium when it comes to the numbers.

It Is Always A Balance Between The Numbers And Professionalism

Work the numbers but do it in the right way. Your mindset must be spot on, whether you speak to one person or thousands. Think about what you are going to say, be brief and in a hurry when speaking to people.

Being professional does not mean trying to talk people into something. It means asking a few pertinent questions to see if that person is open to an income opportunity. You need to have a good conversation with people to see if they qualify for your precious time before you think about inviting them to see your business opportunity.

Although this business is about fast numbers, never get into the mindset of just inviting people for the sake of it. By all means be selective and talk to a massive amount of people, but just bear in mind you will have to work with these people. If you chase and convince a grumpy person you will always be chasing them and they will also bring others down so beware.

Just to recap regarding the two critical points here. Number 1 is to keep moving, move on quickly and speak to many people. Number 2 is not to waste time being weak or waiting around. Make sure you stay mentally strong in everything that you do. There will be lots of times when you want to walk away, but just hang in there and commit to your outcome.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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