Know Your Role As A Professional Network Marketer

Know Your Role And Keep It Simple

Know your role means, “What do I really need to do on a daily basis?” These are the action steps that are going to take you from where you are to where you want to go with your business. The key is knowing your role, keeping it real simple and implementing those small actions daily.

Most people tend to overcomplicate the process when there is absolutely no need to. Look, we are all busy people and it is really easy to go off on tangents and mess the proven process up. Make a written list of people to talk to and keep adding to it.know your role

We not only have to keep it simple for ourselves but our new team members as well. We all need simplicity and duplication in order to grow quickly. It is vital that you know your role so that you can build momentum that lasts.

So What Is Your Role?

You need to learn some initial skills and make them an easy habit, so the more you actually do them the more they become a part of you. Just remember to distance yourself and emotionally detach from the outcome, because you never really know what reaction you will get from people.

Your job is not to sell people into your business. Your first task is to contact prospects and get them to watch a short video possibly. It really depends on what tools your network marketing company provides. When you contact someone, be yourself, make sure that you have passion, enthusiasm and always be in a hurry. Be bold, confident, and powerful in everything you do.

Remember you are the messenger, not the message. The moment you say too much, individuals will lose interest very quickly and be put them off. How about saying something like, “Are you making more money than you can spend?” No. “Are you open to making more money?” “Yes.” Very few people actually say, “No.”

Does that sound a little bit more professional than spouting off everything that you know and confusing a person? I would then say something like, “If I sent you a 2-minute video, would you willing to watch it and let me know what you think?”

You then confirm the time commitment and schedule the next call. It is that simple. I suggest reading Go Pro by Eric Worre to learn the full process. As network marketers we do not have to invent anything, just follow the proven process that is already in place.

In my company, we have four steps basically. 1. watch a 2-minute video 2. watch a 7-minute video and or a 30-minute webinar 3. Initiate a 3 Way Call with someone other than yourself. 4. Sign them up with the right package for them and attend the getting started training.

That is your role pre and simple.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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