It Will Hold You Back

It Will Hold You Back If You Care What Others Think

You must be focused and it will definitely hold you back if you are concerned what others think. On one hand we want to follow a system and be a good guy, but on the other hand, we gravitate towards being a bit of a rebel and a maverick possibly. 

In the nicest possible way I do not care what others think any more. My friend John said two things to me a long time ago, first of all, he said, ‘If I upset you, you will get over it.’ and ‘If you want to do something, just go ahead and do it.’ Oh I can hear the rumblings beginning already and I am chuckling away to myself here.

The thing is that people are easily upset and put out of kilter. So the question, ‘Should we care about others? will always remain and you can answer it in your own way. But when you do or say something, you never really know whether it is going to make someone sad, worried or angry. hold you back

Intent, Indifference Or Ignorance

But you should never set out to be unpleasant or nasty, but you must do what it is that you feel is right at that particular time. If you offend another then you can apologise with sincerity at a later date. The key here is whether there was intent, indifference or ignorance.

I love someone who is a bit of a maverick and who is slightly rebellious, because it shows they are alert, bright and aware. Now I know that doesn’t sit well with everyone and I understand that, but that is the way it is. A maverick is someone who is an independent person who has ideas and behaviour that are different from other people’s. God forbid we have someone who is unique, creative, innovative and gets results.

Best Intentions At Heart

I am all for proven systems and techniques, but chill out people and have some fun here. The most important thing for me is that the individual has people’s best intentions at heart and they would not really set out to harm or upset anyone, but as John said, ‘You will get over it.’

Communication Is Crucial

The main thing to work on is communication, because if you cannot converse or have some meaningful dialogue with another, then you are headed for trouble. Miscommunication is a massive problem within an organisation, because on one hand there is gossip and Chinese whispers, then there is the truth. 

So let’s say that you have taken some action, which offends someone or a group. Now it really is a down to miscommunication most of the time and they normally are not in possession of the whole truth, nor do they know the full circumstances. This happens time and time again and there is only one way of defeating this massive challenge and that is to keep the communication channels open at all times.

(Here is a very short story on communication: Recently I was partaking in a project with two other people and the end product pleased one and upset the other. This was a result of miscommunication, because all parties had not made their position clear and had failed to impart what they really wanted to happen to the other two.  (two were a mavericks and the other a systems person)

So when we cleared up the ambiguities I said, ‘From now on the instructions must be crystal clear and repeated at least twice to avoid mistakes and misconceptions.’ As an example, ‘John I want you to go to GoDaddy and purchase the domain name’ and at the end of the meeting, I would repeat the request. I would say,’So to be clear here John, you are going to go and purchase the domain name from GoDaddy today is that right?’ The key here is to repeat the ask or request at least twice. Believe me this works wonders.)

The best way to diffuse a situation is not to stew by considering half-truths, it is best out in the open, so go one on one with whosoever it is you have upset and make sure it is very quickly. Tell it like it is and that way there will be no gossip or misconceptions at all. What happens normally is the other person says something like, ‘Oh is that what it is, I didn’t realize.It’s not a problem.’

You should never put yourself in a situation where you cannot progress forward, because it will hold you back and that is not a good thing for an entrepreneur. Stay within guidelines and rules, but get on and do it. Sort out the confusion and mess at a later stage.

The Action Stage

At the action stage you cannot afford to care what others think, because it will hold you back and this may well have a detrimental affect on your progress.

Have I upset people in the past, YES, but I must say that I never intended to, but unfortunately it is inevitable at times. As long as your heart is in the right place, you are honest and come from a place of integrity, then push forward relentlessly.

Pandering To Ego

But I will tell you this I will never again pander to someone’s ego or kowtow to another ever again. For those who are unaware of the term ‘Kowtow’ it means, to try very hard to please someonein a way that other people find annoying.

Leaders and entrepreneurs in network marketing are winners and they take their own path to success and wealth. By all means take the maverick approach, but if you want massive leverage and duplication in your organization, be very careful that other people are not affected by what you do.

In Summary

In closing, never let others hold you back and never care what others think (I am talking about leaders here), because you are an independent business owner here and you stand or fall on your decisions. You want creative individuals in your business, but they must not be stifled by people’s opinions and rigid rules, because this will kill a person’s ability to innovate, adapt and overcome.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

It Will Hold You Back If You Care What Others Think