How To Overcome Fear As A Network Marketer

How To Overcome Fear And Move Forward Confidently

Overcoming fear is a real concern for many individuals. Fear and anxiety affect almost everyone, at some stage in their lives. Some people hide and are imprisoned by their fears, whilst others find a way through the ordeal. But most float around in that grey area and learn to live with their anxious moments.

What we do know is that fear only exists inside our head, but can cause all sorts of problems with our life and in all areas. In fact fear can destroy a person’s life, if left unchecked. I am going to look at this subject from a network marketers perspective.

There is a big difference between a fear of doing something and a lack of skill. A lack of skill may make you fearful. There is a fine line dividing fear and a lack of action. Sometimes the water becomes muddied. Consistent practice can overcome any hurdle that you may face in your network marketing to overcome fear

Let us look at some of the challenges and obstacles that people are really scared of in the network marketing profession.

1. Public Speaking
2. Approaching And Talking To People
3. Picking Up The Telephone
4. Knowing What To Say
5. Helping Someone Make A Decision: Following Up

How To Overcome Fear Using 5 Suggestions

Identify The Fear And Accept It

To be able to work on your fear, you must know what the fear is. So identify the fear first and accept it second. It isn’t going to just go away, without some work on your part. You must be totally honest with yourself.

Share Your Fear With A Trusted Person

If you need to talk to someone then be brave and do just that. As they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Make sure that you choose a very positive person to communicate your fears and concerns with. The wrong selection here could set you back even further.

Confront Your Fear And Find An Ongoing Solution

At some stage you will need to deal with the fear in some way. Although they say that a fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, it is real to you and needs to be dealt with.

Personally I had a fear of public speaking or so I thought. I later identified it as the fear of not knowing what to say. When I talk on a subject that I know a lot about I am great, but when I speak from the heart I struggle a bit. But I am getting much better now.

Change Your Internal Monkey Chatter

The worse gossips are you and your mind. You must control what your minds thinks about. Once you have identified the fear, never mention the word fear again. Stay in the positive and in the case of public speaking, say to yourself over and over again, “I am bold, confident and powerful. I speak with authority.”

Make Personal Development A Daily Ritual

Ensure that you use the power of affirmations every day without fail. Here are some examples:

“I love talking to audiences.”
“I am confident when approaching people about my business.”
“I love talking to people.”
“I am great on the telephone.”
“I know what to say because I am a professional.”
“I am superb at getting a decision from my prospective clients and partners.”

In Summary

Never allow fear to get in your way of building your network marketing business. Fear will wear away your will, your fight and ambition quickly, unless you begin to destroy it with action. So don’t wait, do something about your fear today.

Quote “To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.” Katherine Paterson

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How To Overcome Fear.