Highest Paying Careers In The World

Highest Paying Careers Are Maybe Not What You Thought

Highest paying careers can appear to be very attractive and lucrative on the surface. I can imagine that Chief Executives earning over $180,000 a year and Anesthesiologists earning over $200,000 a year. But are they the top earners in the world? Surgeons command the highest median salary of all careers — both in and out of health care.

A willing participant in the above careers would require either a Bachelor’s, Doctoral or Professional degree to play in this small pond. There is also the prohibitive costs of your time at University to be considered. This would most probably rule most people out of the running.highest paying careers

Now we know that Banking and Finance can provide some excellent careers as well. The best people can earn multiple six and seven figures a year, but the burnout rate is extremely high and the jobs very stressful. Who would want to be in the banking or finance professions in this current climate?

What Profession Produces The Most Millionaires?

Do we ever know the whole story? I am not sure that we do because any figures never take into account the top entrepreneurs in the world. However, there is one profession that regularly produces millionaires and that is direct selling, network marketing, and MLM profession.

The top earners are earning over a million a month, so the question is, “Why?”

Because those people have harnessed the power of numbers and leverage. If you take a look at the professions first mentioned above, they take an inordinate amount of time to get to the top of their game. The money is good, but it isn’t the best around and the pressure they must face is immense.

If you were fed up with your lifestyle or looking for a career change, would you consider taking a look at network marketing? “Why not?”

Could you make a substantial amount of money from this profession? I don’t know, but it may be a good idea to check it out.  Could you also achieve this without compromising your current career? YES.

“Why not you?”

“Why not now?”

The network marketing profession could be what you are looking for? You won’t know if it is for you until you find out more.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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