Good Quality People Will Influence Your Outcome

Good Quality People Must Fuel Your Pipeline

Good quality people are the ones who will take you from where you are to where you want to go. This has absolutely nothing to do with money or position. It is all about connecting with the right type of person regardless of what job a person does. You will find good people from all sorts of backgrounds. Your goal is to look for diamonds in the rough.

The individual or couple you talk to will decide for themselves, whether they are a quality prospect to build rapport with or a person to be disqualified as quickly as you can. How much money they have or currently make shouldn’t be the deciding factor that affects your decision as to whether you can work with them or not.good quality people

Sometimes ambition isn’t enough to draw me towards someone. I like to see that he or she can influence people and makes a room sparkle by their presence. Remember you have to choose who you put into your pipeline of leads. In the end, people will either select themselves by who they are or deselect themselves based upon unfulfilled criteria or they may have shown some unacceptable trait, their true colors.

Would You Prefer To Be A Headhunter Or A Skilled Recruitment Specialist?

Your main task is to find excellent people to work with. The question to ask yourself is this, “Can I work with this person?” Then follow it up with another question, “Do I want to work with this person?” I suppose the last question to ask yourself is, “Why do I want to work with this individual or couple?” Selecting the right people is crucial because you will be spending your precious minutes with them. Never get to the stage where you invite people because they have a pulse and nothing else to offer.

Initially, I also thought of myself as a headhunter who goes out and aggressively searching for talent, but I soon realized that I wasn’t into headhunting at all. I was, in fact, an open-minded influencer who was in the process of sorting through groups of people trying to find the gems which are out in the world.

So, in fact, I was more like a farmer who was selecting the right crops, planting them and nurturing them, but also allowing that crop to become independent of me. A crop is a group of individuals who want more out of life and are willing to work towards that end.

But in the end, it is all about finding good quality people who share similar values and helping them to move forward within a positive environment. Poor choices made at the beginning of the farming procedure will produce a poor crop.

So always be on the lookout for the very best people that are out there in the world. People who are sharp, honest, open-minded, have the right attitude, fun to be around and willing to invest in themselves and their future.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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