Embrace Change. Don’t Fear It

Embrace Change Or You Will Left Behind

Embracing change is just something that we should do on a regular basis. An individual can’t exist in Network Marketing solely holding on to the old ways. Now there are many techniques, ideas, and philosophies that have been used since the early twentieth century and are still great today, but you have to move with the times also.

Now, we all hate change, none more than me, but in this rapidly changing world, we need to be in front of trends and innovation or at least holding on frantically to the coattails of new ways of doing things.

Leadership in network marketing requires everyone who believes in progress to accept that there are many ways of getting the job done. Now the key is finding what works and going with that idea, but at the same time being aware of new cutting-edge technology and systems.

In this fast-paced world, the leader knows that he or she must use solutions that duplicate easily and not grab something that just glitters in the sun, looks good and sounds sexy.embrace change

An active and sharp network marketer should have the ability to analyze, review and make a decision fairly quickly when confronted with a possible course of action, scheme or suggestion.

Technology is fantastic, but it should never take the place of the tried and tested ways of being able to conduct your business effectively. For example, it doesn’t matter how you obtain your leads, whether it is by talking face to face to someone or by some new gizmo that gives you access to a million leads on Facebook. You will still need to nurture that brand new lead on the telephone.

Never get bogged down by the hundreds of ideas that you are confronted with each week. Find what works for you and your team and go with those. Be prepared to introduce new technology, if it is easy to use by everyone and will enhance any successful system that is in place already.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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