Do Not Wait For Permission

Do Not Wait For Permission To Forge Ahead

Do not wait for permission to build your network marketing business. Some people stand still and either procrastinate or are hanging around, delaying the action point. It as if they need the order to start marching forward.

The best way is to grab an opportunity by the throat and start working it from day 1. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to gain momentum.

So let me ask you a question, “What is stopping you?” When you can answer that question fully, you will be ready to move forward at pace.

Obviously if you are stuck then you need to get with your sponsor or someone in the team who is building fast. It maybe just a small blockage in your mindset that is holding you back. The key is finding help quickly.

Remember This Is Your Business Not Your Sponsors

What your sponsor does or doesn’t do is done to him or her. They may quit tomorrow or go on to build a great team. You need to keep the focus on yourself and what you want out of this opportunity.

But understand that you cannot do this alone, well especially not early on in your new career. So hang on to the coat tails of a respected leader who is rocking it out of the park.

Gradually you can move out on your own or away from that leader and become visible. That doesn’t mean that you break all ties with that person, it means that you take on more responsibility and rely less on that person.

It all starts by implementing a few simple actions on your part. If you take on too much you will suffer from overwhelm. So take things one at a time and start the learning curve sooner rather than later.

Aim At Becoming A Leader Rapidly

I would strongly suggest working on you first. Because if you don’t get this area right forget the rest. So, you must work on personal development and self growth. Whatever happens in the future will depend on how you progress as a not wait for permission

You should be looking at becoming a leader as quickly as you can. You should never hold yourself back from leadership, if that is what you really want.

Once you begin to read the books that will develop you as a person, you will start to feel really good about who you are and start to believe that you can actually get to where you want to go.

The lesson of this article is all about action. We spend most our lives waiting for someone to say things like, “You can go to lunch now.” or “No you cannot take your holiday in August.”

We all need to move towards becoming our own boss and making decisions for our own future. We shouldn’t have to hope and pray that our boss will agree to our requests.

So do not wait for permission to get on with anything in this life, because you will waiting around for ever. Make some decisions and strive forward for yourself and your loved ones today.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Do not wait for permission.