Cynical People Will Never Understand

Cynical People Are Not The Ones To Spend Your Time With

Cynical People are found in every walk of life and network marketing isn’t any different. Cynics firmly believe that people are purely motivated by self-interest. Of course, you will always find people who don’t really care about others and are only in it to make money. There will be cynics both inside and outside this profession.

I have been in network marketing for over 38 years, and I have found that most people are honest and have similar standards. But there is a fine dividing line between being driven and caring about other people. I know that when I was an athlete my focus and attention was on improvement and success. Other people just didn’t come into my thought patterns.cynical people

There are over 100 million people involved in the Network Marketing profession. So you are going to find people who distrust the system and human sincerity.

In my time I have come across some of the nicest people around, people who are actually dedicated to helping other people.

Cynics Are Found In Two Specific Camps

The cynics fall into two groups of people. Firstly those who have done absolutely nothing or very little at all. The second group comes from those frustrated people who never get the business to work for them.

They are normally the ones who are lazy, unprofessional and uncoachable. They gossip, complain, and blame everyone but themselves. Cynics will bring you down. Stay with the people who have longevity, a hunger for achievement and who are loyal to a man or woman.

A massive amount of people resort to the blame game when things haven’t gone well for them. I just choose to be around people who have integrity and a strong work ethic and don’t spend all their time talking behind peoples backs because they are victims of the system.

Cynical people are everywhere and suck big time. They are just a bunch of clowns.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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