Clarity Allied With A Game Plan

Clarity Allied With A Game Plan Can Take You All Way

Clarity allied with a game plan is the way forward. Every network marketer must be clear on what they want to achieve and the reason why. The challenge is that most people have a vague idea about their destination and that is why they will never get there.

Clarity is the quality of being clear, lucid, precise and coherent.

Have there been times when I was moving forward, but really didn’t know exactly what path to take? Absolutely, This was because I didn’t spell out in minute detail what had already happened on a fixed date in the future.

When deciding on a journey you have to be sharp and on point, every day. There can be no indecision on your part. Indecisiveness causes the image and your visualization of the end game to become diluted and fuzzy.

When you right down a goal, make sure you write it out every day on paper and review it regularly. Ensure that your goal is written in the presence tense.

Remember the mind doesn’t know the difference between a the truth or a lie, if you persist and continually repeat what is going to happen, it will become a daily habit and become ingrained in your soul and psyche.

Example: “On January 31st 2007 I will be driving a shiny brand new black Audi TT with black leather interior.” Did it happen on that date? YES. I had a very strong compelling reason to drive me on, because I had talked about the car for years.

Now You Are Clear On Your Target You Need To Create A Game Plan

So you know what you want, now is the time to break the goal down and put a plan together. The planning session does not have to be complicated.clarity allied with a game plan

Let’s say that you want to run a 5 mile cross country race and you have 17 weeks to train for it.

The Goal Or Target:

It is Saturday April 29th 2017 and I have just won the Ashford 5 Mile Cross Country Race easily.

Example Plan:

I will run the Ashford Cross Country Course 5 times a week from January 1st 2017 to April 29th 2017.

Example Goal For Network Marketing:

“It is March 31st 2017 and during the last 90 days I have shown my business opportunity to one qualified person every weekday.”

A game plan is just a carefully planned strategy for reaching your objective.

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clarity allied with a game plan