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Are You One?

July 6, 2010 paulbursey 1

Are You One Of The 95% Who Aren’t Making Money? Are you one? Really read the heading above because you have to be very honest […]

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12 Steps To Ensure A Great Reading Plan

July 1, 2010 paulbursey 1

Over the years reading has become a fantastic part of my journey in MLMs and Network Marketing. I was never a great reader until 1979 when I joined Amway.

The first book I read I think was The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr David Schwartz, a great book. Since that time I have divided my time between personal development type books and thriller/action books. I love books by James Patterson and Lee Child. I always try and keep a good balance and normally have some kind of reading plan.

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Keep Your Business Simple And Easy

June 28, 2010 paulbursey 1

You know the man who is on stage spinning all those plates, well maybe he is the jack of all trades and that was definitely me early on, but for you as a marketer,you need to master one form of advertising, before you move on to the second one.

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3 Vital Network Marketing Skills

June 27, 2010 paulbursey 0

However I much prefer to supply you with some new ideas that you may not have become aware of. So here are some things to think about whilst you are building your network marketing or MLM business. I personally think that these 3 skills are absolutely vital, whether you are referring to network marketing, mlm, internet marketing or social media.

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What Is Your Desire Level?

June 26, 2010 paulbursey 1

I would say that LACK OF DESIRE is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t do so well in their quest for anything worthwhile in life. It’s not just a case of wanting something, work a bit and you will get it.

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How To Be An Effective Leader

June 23, 2010 paulbursey 1

Give your time to the people who DESERVE IT not NEED IT. Gradually CHANGE people’s ATTITUDES & BEHAVIOUR by IMPROVING YOUR RESULTS & PROMOTE, PROMOTE, abd PROMOTE..