Behind The Curtain People Are Just People

Behind The Curtain Is Where The Magic Happens

Behind the curtain is a person who is really just like everyone else. He or she will have the same fears, doubts, needs, and hopes. Sometimes we don’t network with certain individuals because they appear to be untouchable or too successful.

But the reality is that most people are alike in more ways than you think. Most people are open and vulnerable. The curtain I mention is imaginary and placed there by you and me. It stops us talking to those people who we think are unapproachable and out of reach. The majority of people don’t know everything and at times need help and advice.behind the curtain

When it comes down to it, the individual who we are afraid of connecting with will probably be receptive and will welcome the chance to network with you. He or she will have unfulfilled desires and dreams just like you and me.

Embrace The Idea That People Can Be Nice

Most people are nice and are kind generally. There are quite a few people who go against the grain and they move about a lot.

What happens is we procrastinate and give ourselves all sorts of reasons why we shouldn’t approach that person. Look, they are not the giant at the top of the beanstalk, they are approachable, everyone is.

Find a way to talk to the person you are afraid of most. Even if it is to smile and say hello. Then what you can do is build on that. The next time you are in the same room smile, say hello and ask, “How are you today?”

Can you see how easy it is to build relationships over time? My advice would be to speed things up a bit and go quietly for the jugular as soon as you can. Ask that person for their help or advice. Most people are only too keen to share their knowledge and wisdom.

To Summarize

The main key here is that people are okay. They are not the ogres that we think they are. No-one is too big that you can’t speak to them. Networking can be fun if you make it a game but at the same time keeping it professional when you need to be.

So the curtain really is our own insecurities and anxieties about speaking to people. Consign doubt and worry to the garbage can and start to enjoy networking.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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