Are You Out Of Touch With Network Marketing?

Out Of Touch. What Has Happened To You?

Do you remember those early days when you were ecstatic about your new network marketing opportunity? So what happened along the way to make you change your mind or just put the business to one side, to sleep or bed in the nearest closet or garage? Are you simply “out of touch” or have you just lost your way?

out of touch with

So what was it like in the beginning then? Did you feel glad that finally you found something that resonated with how you wanted your life to move forward? So why are you so “out of touch” now? 

You see the business hasn’t really changed, yes they have brought in a few more products, changed a few and you have some gripes about the company or your upline leadership (that is normal by the way). Yeah, whatever, move on and take a look at yourself here.

What happened was that you came into your new business venture and you raised your expectations to a much higher level. Well you would because you found what you were looking for. The problem is those expectations have not been reached, satisfied or met yet. Is that a fair comment?

Learn To Bridge The Gap Between Desire And Outcome

So my question to you would be, “What have you done to bridge the gap between your expectations and your results?” “Have you ever or are you playing full out now?”

“Your out of touch”, most probably because you just haven’t relaxed enough and let yourself go within your business. You have poked it with a stick a few times and it hasn’t happened for you. So it could be down to your lame ass attitude or lack of consistent action then? But on the other hand, it could be all about who you spend most of your time with, consider that.

It’s okay, relax, most of us have been there. The thing is what are you going to do, now you have been confronted with the truth, that it is all about you, your responsibilities and your actions, stick or twist? 

If you stick and hold the cards you are holding, you remain in no man’s land and stagnant. In fact you might as well quit, unless you are buying products at wholesale. The other alternative is to twist and accept a few more cards for your hand. In other words you are looking at re-starting your business, becoming more active and progressive. Which way are you going to go?

Why Am I Out Of Touch?

“Youre out of touch” for a reason and that reason is normally associated with weak goals, lack of ambition, laziness, a reduction in your so called strong reasons or little or no passion.

Have I set out to upset you, absolutely not. Have I been underneath your tree shaking it like a maniac on steroids, you bet. Shake the dust off and get into some action my friend, you need to. Stop looking for excuses because there are none that stand up to scrutiny. If you are “out of touch”, then reacquaint yourself with your dreams and goals today.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey