Thoughts Intentions And Actions Completes The Cycle

So How Did You Feel When You Read The Title, Your Thoughts Intentions And Actions?

I hope those words made you think about the remainder of this year and what it will be like by the end of the year. Do you think that you will say, ‘Wow, what a year?’ or ‘I am so glad this year is over.’thoughts intentions and actions

I bet you are hoping that your year is going to be a great one and that you will amazed at the results. So if you want superb results by the end of this year, what are you doing about it?

You see your thoughts will send you in certain directions, now are these directions going to lead to your dreams and goals or are they going to end in dismal failure? Initially it will be the quality of your thoughts that will direct your intentions and lead you  into taking specific actions.

So your thoughts have to be the thoughts of a winner, a person of persistence and courage. Once you have the flow of winning thoughts, you can move forward with intent. So the key here is to be an intelligent thinker, but then move those thoughts on to the next phase, which is intention.

Intentions are the bridge between thoughts and actions. But it will not do you justice if you are just a thinker or a person of good intentions. In the end your intentions must lead you to rapid and massive action. So I three questions for you to answer to yourself.

1. Do you have good quality thoughts?

2. Are you a person of serious intent?

3. If your thoughts and intentions are right on the money, are you a person who does not procrastinate and gets the job done.

All three parts are vital and you cannot have one without the other. In the end you must do. Your thoughts, intentions and actions must be top drawer and produce results, period.


To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Thoughts intentions and actions.