Your Perception Your Practice And Your Conviction Part II

Why Would You Want To Practice?

The very best people in all walks of life, such as sports stars, the acting profession and Doctors, to name a few, have to study, learn and practice, so why should you be any different. Your practice is significant and hopefully decisive for you moving forward.

Even Tiger Woods practised for many years, right from when he was a child, to be able to become a champion many times over. This should tell you that your practice becomes a set of vital actions, which is part of your daily progress.

So I hope you now agree that your practice must become an integral part of your education, no matter what endeavour you want to take part in or are currently engaged in.

Your practice is of supreme importance to you and is essential to maintain outstanding progression in your chosen field, with your ambitions or achieving your dreams. 

Perfect Your Practice

You might want to ask yourself the question, "Why haven't I done real well yet?"

Have you any idea whatsoever, as to why that is?

Take a good hard look at your education and learning process. In other words I am talking about the way you practice and how often that you practice.

If you want to make effective progress, then you will have to up your game. Examine what you do to practice to enhance your skill levels.

your practiceDo you set aside a minimum of an hour every day to hone your craft and tweak your mindset?

They say that practice makes perfect, but perfection is very rarely achieved. I would say that the saying should read, "Practice makes permanent."

Then it requires you to continue improving, so that improvement becomes an ongoing challenge and part of your modus operandi.

So What Do I need To Practice?

Well it does depend on your specific business and there will be topics that are unique to your opportunity only, but there will be areas that are generic and relate to most businesses.

Social Media 

The big key here is communication with individuals where you build rapport, trust and credibility.

It is an ongoing process where you need to build increasing honest links with many others, but it must be completed with the utmost integrity. 

Online and Offline  Marketing

You are going to need customers and business partners, so you will need to develop some online and offline strategies.

Online strategies may include media buying, banner, solo or ezine ads and offline strategies may well include, leaflets, lawn signs, newspaper and magazine advertising. But there are many more ways of advertising and the training you can get for the most part is free on the internet, if you research in the right way.

With the above two areas of learning, marketing and social media, you are going to make many mistakes and that is alright, because it is the only way that you are going to become more professional and increase your performance.

Remember that 80% of advertising probably will not work, so do not be put off by trying new things and tweaking some of your existing advertising.

Self Growth

Personal growth and development is one of those vital areas where you need to put in some extensive and consistent work. The benefits you will receive are so many that you must take my word that it is one of the most important components of doing well.

To get you started go to You Tube and research Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Jack Canfield, where you will find numerous free videos to watch. 

Once you get into this subject of self development, you will want to expand your knowledge by purchasing some great books, such as think and grow rich.

I hope that this points you in the right direction and you understand how vital practice is to your future plans.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey