Your Perception Your Practice And Your Conviction Part I

Amazingly It Is All About Your Perception, Your Practice and Your Conviction.

I could be talking about many things when I mention the words perception, practice and conviction, but my background relates to MLM, Network Marketing and Entrepreneurial Mindset, so most things will be connected to those subjects 

However I believe that these three words or subjects affect most things that we do. I am interested in your perception and how you perceive yourself in business. Also, why you should practice and your conviction about what you are currently engaged in.

Your Perception Is Your Reality

Your perception or how you perceive something definitely is your reality and although we can be influenced by others, you will always make up your own mind to believe what you want to believe, whether that is correct or incorrect, right or wrong.

your perceptionIt is much like beauty isn't it. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is so true. Someone you find very attractive, may be totally unattractive to another.

You are an individual with your own mind, thoughts and feelings. Only you live in your body and see things they way that you see them.

I love this quote from  Albert Einstein ,

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

How To Change Your Perception

Sometimes we get it wrong and confuse ourselves, don't we? There are times when we go off down the wrong track, a bit like a scout who is tracking a trail. We find out that we were following the wrong route and found ourself in a cul-de-sac or dead end.  

Never be afraid to confront your perception, because there will be occasions when you get it wrong. Learn to quit at the appropriate moments in your life. By all means be persistent, but never get to the stage where you become too obstinate for your own good.

The key here is the ability to be flexible and not embedded in your ways. Creativity, adaptability and innovation should not be far away from your thought patterns.

So you change your perception by being open to new ideas and progress. Accepting that maybe you do not have all the answers and having the ability to be coached and mentored by others.

If you want proof that our perceptions are sometimes misplaced, then look no further than what an artist can achieve by creating a picture, which each person will view individually or a magician who tricks or deceives you.

Join me for Part II tomorrow where we shall cover your practice and that will be followed by Part III on Tuesday where I will talk about your conviction

To Your Success

Paul Bursey