Strategy And Technique Are Winning Components

Strategy And Technique Make The Difference?

Strategy and technique are two vital components that will get you to the chequered flag. Your vision in any project, sport or business is the fun part. In other words, dreaming about crossing the finishing line at the end of the marathon is the fun part.

Strategy Is The Roadmap

Your strategy is how you are going to get there, broken down into a plan of action, that you understand and then you follow that strategy or plan to the letter, as far as you can.

Obviously you need to know your outcome, because this weaves it’s way throughout your plan of action or strategy and leads you to your ultimate goal.

So your strategy must be something that you can handle, but at the same time it must stretch you, so that you feel like you are achieving a worthwhile prize or end product.

Once you have made those plans and strategies, you must control and command them. Writing them down on a piece of paper is not enough. You have to live, breathe and work through them on a daily basis. So you use this strategy or strategies to their best use, introducing as much flexibility into those plans, but never losing sight of the vision.

strategy and techniqueSo in MLM, one of  your strategies may be to expose your business opportunity to 16 people a week, which breaks down to 4 a day, Monday to Thursday.

I personally believe that you must determine your strategy before you really get into an MLM or very early on in your career. Developing a consistent strategy may be the difference between winning and losing.

I know that using a strategy was very important for me when I was going from retired athlete to marathon runner and also when I was both boxing training and building a business previously.

You may want to discuss your strategies with a coach or mentor, before going any further, because coaching and mentoring can be the icing on the cake and help you tweak your plans, in order to reach your goals rapidly.

So we now move on to technique(s) and how that works in synergy with your strategies.

Technique Is A Combination Of Actionable Plans

Now that you have your plans in place, you may wish to smooth the road ahead a little by starting to implement a few techniques that you have learned.

If you were training for a boxing match I can assure you that learning simple techniques is a must, especially when the chips are down and you are behind on points or you need to get out of a sticky hole. Strategy and technique rule.

But techniques are or can be crucial whilst building your MLM businesses as well. Let me give you an example.

You have your strategy and that is to invite 15 people to view your business opportunity every week and initially this may seem a bit daunting. That is only because it is brand new and you probably have never done anything like this before.

So you may think to yourself, ‘I am going to speak to those 15 people, but what do i say to them?’

Now I am assuming that you have built a little rapport with those prospective partners and maybe you just need a simple technique to be able to obtain their interest.

How about asking this question, ‘Can I run an idea past you?’ It is simple, effective and it works. Although I have used this type of question many times. I was reminded by Paul Pritchard in her book, Owning Yourself’ which I can thoroughly recommend.

This is a great example of a technique that anyone can use and you do not require great skills to be able to perform this or other simple techniques.

A technique is a procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task

There are two easy ideas that you can implement in order to find simple techniques that you can use in your MLM.

The first is brainstorming or masterminding with yourself or others within your niche or company. Two minds are always better than one, so they say. So make sure you are in a sphere of influence with uplifting and forward thinking people.

The second idea is research your industry, because there is so much information and bright people out there in the world and online, who provide free information.

So in summary put a few strategies together that work for you and find a few techniques that are easy to learn and use.

Remember the key here is to make things real simple, so that you can pass them on to others.

Keep on keeping on

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Strategy and technique.

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