Your Attitude Determines Your Results

So, Does Your Attitude Determines Your Results?

You can usually tell how successful someone is by what they say and how they act. Their body language is always a great indication of how they project their self-image and attitude over to others.

I feel that what you put into your mind will come back and either assist you or haunt you, so you have to be very careful about the quality of experiences, speech or thoughts that you place into your subconscious mind.
I firmly believe that attitude is the difference between success and failure.your attitude determines your results

Remember that attitude is a 24/7 responsibility and not something you turn on and turn off at will. The thing is that people do not pay attention to their attitude towards other people and this can be the difference between someone paying attention to what you say, or joining you in a business venture or you being given that job. So is attitude important, yes, you better believe it.

Think about this a little bit here and ask your self some real searching questions. If you were a recruiter and either looking for a prospective partner or employee, who would you rather chose, someone who is unintelligent, indifferent, lazy and rude or someone who is alert, busy, intelligent and polite? I will let you answer that question, but I bet we all pick the same type of person.

You see we can totally control our attitude towards yourself and others. It takes commitment and dedication towards our own well being, to take the high moral ground and to portray the right attitude inwardly and outwardly.

You can normally tell the attitude of a person by the way they react to losing. Are they gracious and mature about it or are they the type of person who throws his or her teddy bear into the corner. If you have the right attitude then the chances are you will end up in the winner’s circle of life.

There should not be a place for a bad attitude in any walk of life. It doesn’t serve you or anyone else and everybody hates it.

Now I know that we all get it wrong occasionally and that is fine as long as we get it right the vast majority of times. So be aware guys that you come across as someone who cares and not someone who doesn’t.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Winston Churchill

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Your attitude determines your results