Young People At Work In The Job Market

Have You Ever Thought About Young People At Work?

At the present time in the UK, there are in excess of a million young people who are unemployed.

The job market for youngsters is in total disarray and I am not blaming any one particular political party as this doesn’t do any good at all.
young people at work

But things need to be done to ensure that as many school leavers, college, and University graduates get on the job ladder as soon as possible.

Does the forecast appear gloomy, well yes, but what can employers and the government do to help? Well, we shall see over the coming months.

However, If I was one of the young people at work, at college or Uni or in fact unemployed, I would develop my very own exclusive economic strategy. regardless.

But we need to guide young people and ensure they understand that they can empower themselves and not rely on parents or anyone else.

We can help ignite the fire, provide the spark, but in the end, young people have to take the bull by the horns and empower themselves.We can encourage and support, but not carry a young person. Every young person MUST have or develop a pioneering spirit to succeed in this world at the present time.

Can I personally empower a young person? I don’t think that I can, but what I can do is develop an environment or provide a vehicle where young people can thrive and grow.

So whatever the economic climate is at any specific time young people should be working towards their goals, dreams, and ambitions, but avoiding putting their eggs all in one basket. Everyone needs to have a tremendous backup plan put into place as quickly as they can.

It is going to get even tougher for young people at work, graduates, and students in the future, so for any of those and related groups reading this



To Your Success


Paul Bursey