Never Stop Getting Better

Never Stop Getting Better If You Want To Make It Big

It is all about improving yourself on a constant basis and seeking to up your game regularly. This is how you stay ahead of the game and keep things fresh and exciting. We should “never stop getting better” at what we do, regardless of our profession, sport, business or whether it is just becoming a better Father, Mother or partner.

Personally I can remember areas where I continually excelled and improved, but there were also areas where I remained stagnant, indifferent and indolent. The great thing is that when you are paying attention you feel good and start to become excellent at what you do. The flip side of the coin is walking about with your eyes shut, ignoring the obvious and finding that you basically lose, because you have wasted a valuable or once in a lifetime opportunity, that may never come around again. So you must “never stop getting better.”

I remember training as an athlete and always seeking various ways of tweaking my training schedule to be able to up my performance, make things much smoother  all round. One of my coaches told me, “Never stop getting better” and I paid attention and I listened to what he said and it sank in to my subconscious mind and stayed there.never stop getting better

Having the mindset where you are always looking for significant improvement works wonders. Positive thoughts start to flow and you start to find new ways of doing things. Innovation, Creativity and adaptability become your constant companions and gradually you see a change in your performance. It doesn’t happen overnight but slowly and surely over time you will see a difference.

There will rarely be a sudden improvement and it is more likely to be a minute or subtle change, but it will be there, I can assure you. Remember some people quit a few feet from gold, so just know that if you are on the right track to have complete faith in what you are doing. 

So whether it is wooing a loved one or training to climb Mount Everest, stay on course and believe in what you are doing. “Never stop getting better” and always know that there is an enhanced value in excellence, a good work ethic and perseverance.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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