You Never Have To Lose In Life

You Never Have To Lose Ever

So, What Do I Mean By Saying, You Never Have To Lose?

It is all about a thing called re-framing and although things that happen during your day or week may not go as you want them to go, you choose how you feel and how you react to what never have to lose

Re-framing is just about taking a different point of view. If you are stuck in traffic sometimes you get annoyed, frustrated or stressed out. But if you use the time you spend in the traffic hold up to listen to a personal development programme, then this could be a form of re-framing.

Don’t get all bent and twisted out of shape when you fail. Accept what has happened and change what needs to be changed. You should¬†say to yourself,¬†‘This is just one of those days’ and just move on, learn from the experience and try something else, your day will feel much better. You also must also adopt a winning attitude and expect to win on a regular basis.

Things will go wrong and difficulties, obstacles or challenges will always appear, but it is how you use the situation that will determine whether you win or you lose.

Because a losing mentality is a state of mind. Personally I have the belief that you will never have to lose, ever, but it is your choice. Chose to win in every step along the way and spend most of your time chilled out and relaxed.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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