You Need To Lighten Up About Everything

To Lighten Up Makes Absolute Sense

I think the main reason that you should do your best to look at the lighter side of life is that it is fun and makes you feel really good. Lighten up because it is fun.

I was a police officer for many years and when I think back to my job the stand out moments were all funny incidents, some which included the use of alcohol and wearing a uniform at the same time.

We can all put our serious hats on sometimes and there are many times when you have to do just that. But what I am talking about is the vast majority of times when there is no need to be serious, moody, argumentative, abusive or aggressive.

lighten up about everythingSo to make sure I keep this light and easy, what can we do to lighten up and inject the feel-good factor into our lives, so that we enjoy the good times as much as we can?

I think the first thing we can do is refrain from watching CNN (and all the other channels). What does CNN stand for, Constant Negative News? Now you have to understand I am not just picking on CNN, they are all the same. Personally, I very rarely watch the news at all as it affects your day in a negative way.

The second thing I would suggest doing is listening to great music every day. My tastes go from Eminem to classical with rock and RNB threw in, so fairly varied, But I would say that 95% of the time I want to listen to positive and uplifting music.

The third thing I would encourage people to do is to watch comedy and films that promote the feel-good factor. This just plain makes you laugh and smile. Laughter is always the best tonic for each day.

The fourth thing (and there are many) I would do is find something you love to do, whether it is walking, playing golf, reading, fishing or knitting, whatever it is, set some time aside each day to follow your passion.

Now I am sure there are many others things that you can do to make your day just that little bit more fun and help you lighten up. But I think the key here is to find what works for you and implement it into your day somewhere.

It is too easy to let the day slide and like myself in former years, spend too much time on the computer or at work and let the good things in life pass you by.

So what is the effect of ignoring the words, “lighten up”?

Well, what happened to me was that I became too serious. Yes, I was good at my job but I lost the ability to enjoy myself, smile and laugh.

Sometimes it is a hard road back to the chillout zone but the knock-on effects of being serious and on the other side of the coin, having fun, will affect our health in the long run.

When we are tearing at the steering wheel of our car and shouting at motorists, what do you think this does to our body? It releases poison into our bloodstream. If you do this regularly, the chances are you are reducing your lifespan on this planet.

On the other hand, if you are spending most of your time in a good place, then you are releasing fantastic mood elevators into your bloodstream, which is good for you.

Not only that you feel outstanding and your life will undoubtedly be extended. You will be happier, more contented, your family/friends will love you and you will give off plenty of brilliant vibrations. This will then spill over into every area of your life and people will be drawn to you like a magnet.

So do everything you can do to lighten up today.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey