How To Be Financially Successful

You Need To Know How To Be Financially Successful?

So can we learn how to be financially successful? I personally believe that we all waste so much money, so yes, I would say that becoming financially successful is an absolute must.

So do you need to be rich or wealthy in order to be financially successful? Absolutely not. Those two words relate to you individually and will mean something completely different to you, as opposed to me.

So What Does Being Financially Successful Mean? 

Well, it could just be about organizing your finances effectively so that they are in 100% working order. It could mean having zero debt or it could mean having a few thousand dollars, pounds or euros surplus in the bank. 

how to be financially successfulBoth Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins suggest breaking up each dollar into percentages and using up to 70% for normal outgoings, but using the other 20 – 30% wisely, maybe as part of a broad portfolio of investments, starting at an early age.

A great book to read is Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad, which covers such things as adopting the right mindset and simple positive actions that you can take to become wealthy over a long period of time. This thoroughly recommended, especially if you have absolutely zero experience in finance.

Do You Need A Strategy To Financially Successful?

I think to be financially successful you must put together some kind of flexible strategy moving forward if you want to take care of yourself and your family in the coming years.

Whatever you do never allow yourself to have all of your eggs in one basket. Learn to develop a wide and varied investment portfolio, whether that includes active capital or passive capital at work, as well as developing a business opportunity.

Remember most people never get off of their own rear end to even consider a few of the things that I am talking about or even conduct any research. 

You must follow excellent advice in the areas of finance, investment, and business. This is exactly what I am doing now. My strategies are actually starting to work for me. I am now starting to take care of the pennies, rather than just plain wasting my money. You just have to start somewhere as soon as you possibly can.

Be prepared to dig in and consider changing your approach to your finances. The key for me was tweaking my mindset first and then actively finding ways of improving my finances gradually.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

How to be financially successful.