Never Settle for Being Second Best

Why You Must Never Settle For Being Second Best?

Because it is either a compromise or a cop out, isn't it. You should never settle for being second best ever. You are either compromising with your dreams and ambitions or you are taking the easy route.

never settle for being second best

So, can everyone be in first place? Of course not and that is not what I am suggesting here. "Never settle for being second best" is a mindset, an attitude and not the position that you find yourself at the end of the race.

It is not a case of winning either, unless it is winning an individual race and satisfying yourself along the way. 

If you never settle for being second best it means entering into something and doing your absolute best. Going full blast, full out towards your goal and not just coasting along hoping things will get better.

To settle for second best is like being involved in a business opportunity that you really are not sure of succeeding in and you do not believe in 100%. 

Settling for second best is not giving your all on the field of battle e.g. on the football field or in the athletic arena. 

You always know when the athlete or sports star is doing his or her utmost to win. Remember you can win the game or race and perform very poorly. You can also lose the game or race and your performance can be exceptional.   

Have you ever seen a football or soccer player make a hash of things and pull up injured? They are not really injured, they are covering up their embarrassment. This is called the 'losers limp' an excuse for not winning the race.

Are we worried because he has made a mistake, no it happens, but we are concerned that he is treating us all like idiots because he is trying to con us that he has this supposed injury, which miraculously clears up within two minutes and now he is running faster than ever.

So this second best thing is about how you carry yourself whilst engaged in some worthwhile project, idea, sport or business. It is about having the pride and professionalism to give it all you have got.

In other words going that extra yard and doing whatever is required to reach your goal or get the job done. It is about going the whole 9 yards and not just 8 of them. It is all about scrambling those last few inches and reaching the goal line.

You all know what I am talking about. Most of us have been there and not given it our all. It really isn't acceptable to you is it?

We all try and make excuses for not showing that commitment to completion. You don't have to start fast, but you must finish strong and do your very best.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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