You Must Know What Result You Want

You Must Know What Result You Want. Otherwise There Is No Point Starting

You must know what result you want. because like an archer, you have to able to see where you are headed and you need a target to aim for in order to stay right on point.

Your outcome must be absolutely crystal clear to you and you must know that you can reach it without question. In other words in your mind the destination has already been arrived at before you begin.

You must be like the top performing athlete who wants to become the Olympic champion at his chosen sport. You must visualize yourself on the podium wearing that gold medal and listening to your national anthem. It has to be that real, because this is where most people go wrong when they commence.

Knowing What The Result You Want Is Not Enough

The question to answer yourself is, “Why do I want it?” You see there has to be some strong reason why you have to conquer that mountain. If there isn’t a compelling and personal justification to scale the heights, you may well ditch the project when the winter sets in and it becomes cold and dark outside.

If you do not have a white hot burning desire to beat the odds and succeed, you may well hit some hurdle or brick wall and decide that it is not worth keeping on keeping on. Your passion and conviction join with your craving and appetite to launch you towards the finishing line, although it may well be a long way off in the must know what result you want

So if you know what you want and why you want it, you are virtually there. However the last stage is all out massive action. You need to create some exciting daily movement forward. You have to take an idea, visualize it, enthuse it with emotion and then hit it hard consistently. Then you will arrive where you want to go.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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You must know what result you want