You Must Be Smart And Determined

You Must Be Smart And Determined In Order To Win

Remember you must be smart and determined in order to achieve.In the network marketing industry you have some people who graft away and others who either do very little or absolutely nothing. Hey, that’s their own choice. If they wish to laze around and watch TV all day, good luck to them. So this article is aimed at those who make sweat equity their friend and ally.

But is it just a case of getting your head down and putting your nose to the grindstone? If that were the case, there would be many more millionaires in the network marketing profession, than there are. You obviously require a little bit more than just plain old hard labor.

You obviously know by the title of this article that being smart is what I am referring to and it works alongside the industriousness. The two go hand in hand, one without the other is useless.

So Why Do You Need Both?

Because you can moved dirt all day long and find out that you are not only in the wrong place, but you could have used a mechanical digger instead of a spade. Thinking must precede action, so that it becomes intelligence lead activity, rather than a thoughtless waste of energy and time.

In network marketing it is all about intelligently finding ways that work best and then scaling those actions up. Although duplication and leverage are the long term goals here, you should always pay attention to what is working effectively and what has the most impact on your

Being smart also is about finding what doesn’t work as quickly as possible and rejecting those ways, actions and methods. To continue to follow ways that don’t work is ludicrous and a misuse of your precious income producing time.

Being Smart Means Paying Attention To The Effect That You Are Having.

Jim Rohn talks about your actions and the effect that they have on other people. Are they getting it or aren’t they. This is vital to know how you are coming over to people. The smart ones will know and practice this and the not so intelligent ones will not be able to comprehend the obvious. Ignorance at this stage could be terminal.

Whilst you are being resourceful and working your tail off, it is excellent advice to stay in touch with the best leaders available within your company, accept counsel and coaching from those highly skilled in those areas that you want to master. Never profess or give the impression that know it all, because no-one does, ever.

To Summarize

Accept that you MUST develop a strong sense of urgency and work extremely hard, if you are to get anywhere in life, whether it is in business, becoming a tip athlete or obtaining a degree with distinction or honors. But at the same time being able to use your grey matter, common sense and intellect to guide you.

Being smart is a requirement of achievement, using your brainpower to the utmost and then reaping the rewards of your resolute enterprise. Remember you must be smart as well as determined.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey