Stand On Your Own Feet

You Have To Stand On Your Own Feet

Stand on your own feet. What does this mean to you? Well we all know that it is best to be around a team environment. A few minutes ago I finished watching the film Apollo 13. A fantastic film which shows the need to be surrounded by like minded people.stand on your own feet

It took everything they had to get the mission back to the safety of earth. It was very inspiring to think that there are skilled people who can work as a large team and come up with the answers even when the odds are very much stacked against them. But, you have to get to the stage where you can do it alone. Imagine if everyone else had either left the building or was unavailable.

When you can rely on yourself, it will be the time when you will make quantum leaps in your business. Learning to stand on your own feet is where you progress from a follower to a leader or from pre-alpha to alpha. Some examples of this would be writing an article, making a video or starting a blog.

I think we all agree that sometimes we need other people and there is a fine dividing line between self sufficiency and dependency.

So, it is also a case of getting to the point of understanding that there is a delicately fine balance between help, advice, tuition, and independence. It has to be continually tweaked on a daily basis to stay on track.

But as long as you view it as fun, you will not go to far wrong. So the key here is to learn to do things yourself and stand on your own feet.

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Paul Bursey

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