Look People In The Eye

Look People In The Eye. It Is The Best Way

I am afraid if you have to ask why you have to “look people in the eye”, then you probably just don’t really understand things like communication, self image, body language or how human beings connect with each other. I am sorry for being rather blunt here, but the fact remains if you do not pay attention to this type of detail you are doomed when entering social, networking and business circles. 

Sometimes it can be a pleasure to meet someone who is shy and retiring, such as the first girl you meet or similar, but in this world people look for leadership, communication and confidence. They expect certain characteristics, mindsets and personality to exude from individuals that they meet. They want to “look people in the eye”, size them up, speak to them and decide whether they want to be around them. 

You Can’t Look People In The Eye On The Internet Usually

In the online world you can hide if you so wish, but personally I like to combine both the internet and face to face meeting with people. To stay online and not venture outside of your bedroom to talk to other human beings is basically a cop out. Normally speaking you can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes. They say the eyes are the window to your soul and I believe that.look people in the eye

As a police officer it was a tough call, because you nearly always dealt with weaker people, whether they were victims, the less well off or plain criminals. Now generally speaking those types of people would not “look people in the eye”, mainly because of either embarrassment, shame, lack of confidence or a poor self image and being a confident police officer didn’t seem to help matters.

Look People In The Eye Because Only The Strong Survive

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is a dog eat dog world, although you may well think so, but it is a tough place to live and work. I normally do not conduct business with those people who cannot “look people in the eye” ,because it shows weakness, timidity and a lack of honesty. Eye contact is all about strength, intent and integrity, however it isn’t a 100% sure thing.

If you dealt with Native Americans a few hundred years ago or more, they would not only expect it, but actually demand to be staring into your eyes, if you had any hope of developing trust, whilst engaged in business. They were smart cookies who can sense danger, double cross and deceit. I think that not only is your word your bond, but your eye contact as well.

Lions Look People In The Eye I can Assure You

I will leave you with this thought. A lion or lioness will always keep his eye on you, because he or she is normally protecting the pride. Lions fear absolutely nothing, unless you are the lion out of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ of course. Never take your eyes off a lion or lioness, because it will cost you dearly. They are looking for that one weakness, so they can strike, so be careful.

Lions are proud, upright, strong, fearless and that is how I believe you must be to survive in network marketing. Become that lion or lioness and protect your crop, your family and your future. Do not allow the weak to rob you of your business and remember lions only mix with lions.

Being a lion is all about being able and willing to “look people in the eye” and not allowing poor habits and bad associations ace your future

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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