Face The Facts

You Have To Face The Facts Sometimes

What am I talking about when I talk about 'Face The Facts?' It all boils down to this, you are what you are, period. 

I think the bible talks about knowing yourself and this is totally correct, isn't it? 

Another way to put it would be to quote a famous phrase from Winston Churchill“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” I absolutely love this quote.

If you are very good at something you know, but if you suck at something you also know that all too well, don't you?

So we all need to face the facts, about ourselves, at some stage and once we know the horrible truth (only joking), we need to decide what we are going to do about it. 

Either we should buckle down and work it out, by improving our weakness, lack of skill or we should just get the hell out of there and quit. Obviously it is up to you which way you go.face the facts

What we shouldn't do is con or trick ourselves into thinking that everything is all right and just go on as if all is well. There must come that aha moment, where the light bulb goes on or a bell rings in our head, that just maybe we are not getting anywhere with our business, project or sport and we need to make a decision. 

However, hear me know I am not advocating quitting anything, unless you feel that you are in a cul de sac and not able to get out or you really have taken the wrong route. Personally I hate quitting and admitting I am wrong, but sometimes we have to.

To be fair, deep down, you know what to do really, but something appears to be holding you back from making that decision. Get over that and find a solution quickly, because you could be wasting valuable time either way. 

So after you have decided to face the facts and you are brutally honest with yourself, what is the way forward?

Go away and do some soul searching and when you are ready bite the bullet and ask for help. 

Now the help may be obtaining some quality coaching or finding a mentor. It could be seeking out a new project or business opportunity or could just be that you need a complete break before you make any major decisions.

Whatever it is, do something, but make your decision when you are ready and make sure it is being made with a clear mind and not when you are frustrated and perhaps down in the dumps. Make the decision with the head and not the heart.

The biggest thing though is to always face the facts as they are, accept them and move forward, whether that is following the same path, but with a few tweaks or major changes. OR getting completely away from what you are currently engaged in, whatever that may be. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey