You Have To Decide One Way Or Another

Come On, You Know You Have To Decide, Don't You?

Life is all about making decisions and in the network marketing industry, it isn't any different, you have to decide whether you are going to really go for it or not.

Thousands of people enter this industry every week and most come in for the same reason and that is money. Yes, there are going to be some individuals that come into network marketing for other reasons and that is absolutely fine, but as I said the vast majority enter this arena to make a lot of spondoolies. 

So if that is the case, then you, yes you, look in the mirror and ask yourself some really searching questions. You have to decide whether you are going to become a professional and win, or remain an amateur and basically stay poor. Harsh truth, but absolutely spot on. You can be the nicest person in the world, but if you don't do certain things, you ain't going to make it.

You Have To Decide To Employ The Gold Medal Mindset

There is a enormous similarity between the mindset of an entrepreneur and the thought patterns of an individual who has the gold medal mindset. Remember the biggest challenge, obstacle or hurdle that you have to overcome is yourself. Forget anyone else here, because they are just distracting side shows, that divert your thinking away from where it should be. 

You have to adopt this gold medal mindset from day one and build your own Olympic environment around yourself, where you can thrive, perform and grow to the real level achievement that you want. In order to raise your bar sufficiently enough to that mindset, you have to love what you have to decide

You Have To Decide Not To Listen To Negative People

We must listen to people who will encourage, support and ooze positive vibes and not the people (including ourselves on occasions) who say, "It can't be done." or "You don't have what it takes." Become decisive and follow your dreams and ambitions.

Make a decision to surround yourself with positive, happy, smiling, like minded individuals and supporters, who will keep you focused and on track.

You Have To Decide To Do Your Absolute Best

No-one is saying that you will win the gold medal, but you must have that mentality in order to reach your true potential, whatever that is. You must always strive to do your absolute best, because if you don't then you are actually cheating on yourself. If your best is eighth place, then that is fantastic.

You Have To Decide To Commit

In the game of life it is about making quality decisions and then following through on them. In other words, you have to decide, not only to commence your project, sport or business, but you must stay with it and commit to the end game, the completion. So many people fall away and fail to finish the training, course or race. It basically is down to having the guts to finish what you started. Very few people in life show true commitment.

You Have To Decide To Persist

In any worthwhile endeavour you must decide whether you will keep going or quit. It becomes very satisfying when you keep going regardless of what happens along the way. Some people unfortunately shy away from completing their task or sport, because of setbacks. Others stay on course against overwhelming odds.

Which type of person feels better about themselves, the serial quitter or the person who reaches the end of the race? You must teach yourself to persist without exception, irrespective of setbacks, challenges or obstacles, that are met throughout the journey. There is always one more thing that you can do or one more step forward you can take towards your dream or goal.

You Have To Decide To Perfect Your Craft

Another form of persistence is learning specific components about your business or sport thoroughly and this is definitely crucial in your quest to either become the best at what you do or finish what you started in a competent manner.

To be able to perfect your craft will require the ability, consistency and tenacity to practice over and over again, until you get it right or at least which allows you to reach a very high competency level and a professional standard.

You have to decide how far you are going to take things forward. Only you can make that decision, no-one else. The key thing here is basically excelling at what you do and going as far as you can possibly go, so that you are satisfied with your performance. Remember it is all about your journey and not necessarily about the outcome.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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