You Can Change Your Life

Did You Realise That You Can Change Your Life?

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind for the past few weeks. You can change your life starting today, if you so choose. But you are going to have to change your thinking habits, possibly, depending on who you are and the place that you find yourself at right now.

Before you can change your life you need to take inventory of what is and what is not happening in your world in the current moment. Now you can do this anyway you want, but here is how I am doing this. 

Think of a piece of furniture which has nine equal size drawers and each one is given a name. As an example, some of the drawers may be named 'Business', 'Leisure' and 'Family'. These nine drawers (or any number that suits you) represent the areas of your life that are important to you and where you would like some balance.

Now I am not saying that there aren't many ways of achieving balance and some of you may be well balanced already, but find whatever works for you, right.

The theory is that you give each drawer a part of your time, either each day or week, depending on it's importance. So if you have 'Exercise' and 'Partner', you will probably ensure that you spend some quality time with your partner every day, but your exercise may only cover three or four days a can change your life

Now all of the nine drawers are vital components in your life balance, so it is up to you to choose them wisely and then work out the best way forward. Some drawers will need more attention than others, as I am sure we all realise.

I suppose it is a bit like the juggler or plate spinner, running about from one plate to the other, keeping those plates spinning continuosly. However the great thing mentally about this way of doing things, is that you can close each drawer after each use, especially when dealing with something like 'Finances' or 'Leisure' and then you can totally concentrate on your 'Family' for example.

So it is not all about balance, although this is crucial, it is also about knowing that you can change your life or part of your life at any time. Now sometimes it may be subtle than dramatic, but I think can see where I am coming from here.

The key here is understanding that most people cannot deal with more than one thing effectively at one time. If you wanted to make changes in your life, such as giving up smoking for good and going on a diet. I would strongly suggest focusing on one subject and making that a habit, before moving on to the other, especially if they are going to be a big challenge. 

Yes you can change your life, but it should not be a case of trying to solve everything at once. Take one small step at a time, rather than giving up smoking, going on a diet and going through a traumatic divorce all at one time. I think something will break if you attempt all three at once.

So pick your battles wisely and realise to win the war takes a gradual shift towards your new way of life and not immediately. You didn't get in your current position over night, you got there one bite at a time.

So in order to change your life, learn to reverse the process and keep chipping away, one piece at a time. 

Do you remember the film, 'The Shawshank Redemption', the film tells the story of a Banker, Andy Dufresne (pronounced Dufrain) who is wrongly convicted of his wife's murder. To cut a long story short Dufresne takes 20 years to tunnel out of prison. He learnt the art of patience and persisted to great effect.  If you haven't seen this film, then you really must.

Now I am not suggesting taking 20 years to change your life, but start now to turn things around, if you need to. As long as you realise that you can change your life, if you make the decision to and get into action today.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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