You Are The Magic Ingredient

You Are The Magic Ingredient. Please Tell Me That You Know That?

You are the magic ingredient and you make the difference in how things turn out for you. Yes, you, your mindset, your attitude, your tenacity and your desire will determine your results and outcomes in life. 

You are the mystical sauce or pixie dust that you can sprinkle on everything that be the spark, that fires excitement and drama into your life. So I am afraid if you don't pick up on this, understand this and use this to your advantage, then you will miss out on all that juice that life has to offer.

For this all to work you need to get excited like a child on Christmas day. Do you remember that feeling, the anticipation of what presents were there for you under the tree?

you are the magic ingredientThis exhilarating anticipation, unbridled excitement and incurable curiosity is the bridge between you and the good life. In some ways you have to be in awe of life and people. Yes you are going to be disappointed on occasions, but remember you can control how you feel and how you react to life's circumstances and events.

Now, my background is law enforcement, sport and network marketing, so most of what I speak about will relate to these areas mainly. I do not to talk about my three children or seven grandchildren very much. I tend to keep them away from my article writing and business, but understand that I obviously love this area of my life and they are the reason I strive to be successful. 

So it is what you do that makes the difference in your results, just think about it for a moment. 

If you want to train for a sporting event, it is actually you that has to get off of their butt and do it. Yes you can have flashy running gear, the best training shoes, a trainer, coach and support, but you can have all of that and still lack the discipline and grit to follow through with your intentions. 

Also if you were building a network marketing business, you may well have outstanding products, the best compensation plan on the planet, unbelievable products, but when it comes down where the rubber meets the road, you are the one who will drive the business, no-one else. The magic must come from you, not your sponsor.

Hopefully I have sold you on the idea that you make the difference in your results and you fully understand and accept that you are the magic ingredient in your recipe for success. Accept full responsibility for your life and the outcomes that you will are willing to work towards.

To your success

Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System

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