You Must Never Wrestle With A Pig

Wrestle With A Pig. Don’t Do It.

This blog entry was created for a really good reason. Although I laughed at the time there is a serious message contained in the quote below.

So, how does this relate to our network marketing industry? Well, you really have to get out there and get down and dirty. You have to create some sweat equity and get fully involved in what we have to do to make this work.wrestle with a pig

The trouble is that most of you (and I have been there as well) do not do what is required to make money. Most people poke their business opportunity with a stick and do not play full out. If that is the case then I bet you and I can guess their bank balance, minus right?

In other words, do not wrestle with the pig, do not mix with the masses, you know those who do not earn good money, only mix with the very best people. If you mix with the wrong people, then you are going to get real dirty and for no real reason, no success.

There are occasions where you have to spend time in atmosphere or environment, which is not of your choosing. The key is not to overstay your welcome and become influenced by people who will tear your positive thought patterns to shreds, whether that is purposely or with ignorance.

If you want to make money be prepared to work smart and listen to the cream of the crop only and not those other people who are extremely lazy and unsuccessfully. I love pigs but I am not going to roll around with them, because it may well be fun, but I will not make any money.

“Don’t ever wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it.”

Cale Yarborough

To Your Success

Paul Bursey