Would You Hire You?

So Would You Hire You?

There has been times when I wouldn’t have hired me. So the question is would you hire you?

I think we might have a big laugh at some of the answers to this question. But there is a slightly serious side to this, isn’t there?

So if you were looking to hire some talent or sponsor a new distributor or promoter, what would be some of the traits, talents or characteristics you would be searching for?

What would be the top five things you would be looking for in a prospective partner?

Take a look at this list and either pick some or add your own.would-you-hire-you

Nice, friendly, like-able, prepared to help other, fun to be around, honest, cool, chilled out, good communicator, hard working, high level of integrity, smiles, charisma, go getter, energetic, a winner, caring, gets involved, closer, achiever, coach, mentor, teacher, consistent performer, persistent, tenacious, powerful, relentless, leader and so on.

The list is endless and no one person will possess all of these qualities or attributes.

Well let’s get back to talking about you now. If you had to choose your five favorite traits. The ones that you felt were critical to success, in your opinion.

The question I would ask you would be this, “How would someone describe you. Would you have these characteristics, either in abundance or sufficient amount?

I think this may help you decide on whether you would hire you or not.

None of us are perfect, but you have to be happy with who you are and answer the question, “Would you hire you?” hopefully with an affirmative answer.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey