Worry Is Futile And Unhelpful

Worry. What Are The Diseases Of Attitude Part IV ?

Being anxious continually is just plain bad for you over time. It causes an array of health problems, personal, social and economic problems.

Panic long enough and it will drop you to your knees. It could even reduce you to begging.worry is futile

You must work on this disease. GIVE IT UP NOW. Who needs it? It is not going to be easy, but it sure is worth it.

If you kick the worry habit you can live the most incredible life free of worry, not free of difficulty and challenge, but free of worry. So what you must do is substitute worry with positive activity.

So get busy, because this is one of the best ways to kick the worry habit. Get busy with something with promise. Idleness is the workshop of worry.

The heavy chains of worry are forged in idle hours, so don’t have any. Pour on the positive activity in everything you do.

I am not really a worrier,because I quit that years ago. I found that worrying is a waste of time and just holds you down. I remember being at work with the police, being moved departments and starting a line of work in domestic violence. On the first day, the Detective Sergeant handed my colleague Lesley and myself 80 cases to solve. They ranged from simple assaults to serious offenses like rape.

When we first got them I became really concerned that there were big problems ahead because of the size of the task. So Lesley and I took a break and talked about it at length. By the end of the day we had graded all the jobs from minor to serious and just got on with the job. I told Lesley that I wasn’t worried because I knew we could crack the all the cases within a reasonable length of time, which we did. Basically, if I had worried about the sheer amount of work I would have blown a gasket, but we prevailed.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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