Working With Paul

Working With Paul

Do You Want to Work Personally With Me?

I’d like to first thank you for taking the time to consider working closely with me. In addition to helping network marketers and small business owners market themselves online, I’m also a distributor in two companies that certainly fits in with my background, as I am a former athlete and soccer player.

One of them is a network marketing company that deals with nutritional products. The other business is a direct sales company in which I market a medical device that helps people with health and wellness.

Who am I looking for?

First of all I’d be happy to chat with you if:

-you’re looking to start a new business

-you’re not happy in the business or job you currently have


Some of the qualities I look for in business partners are:

-people with integrity

-people who are coachable

-people who are money motivated

-people who are willing to grow and do daily personal development


Of course, it’s most important to find a fit between what you’re looking for and what I have to offer.


If you’d like to learn more about working with me contact me here

Paul Bursey

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