With Attitude You Can Achieve Anything

So Do You Present Yourself With Attitude?

I suppose that there are two ways of looking at that question.

Firstly there is your attitude to other people and the question that follows is this, ‘Are you a person with attitude? You know, a bad attitude, where you just wind other people up.with attitude

Now if you are a top sportsman or women, sometimes a bit of attitude is a good thing. It keeps you totally laser focused and on a knife-edge. In other words, most of the time you are basically quite a nice person, but there are occasions where the ‘with attitude’ spills over and becomes a problem.

Now if you are talking about building relationships, then a person with attitude could be a good thing or a bad thing.

If you are using social media to build your business, then you cannot have a bad attitude with people on Facebook, for an example. They will pick this up through the written word and how you come across to them.

Social media is all about making that connection, so it is a critical factor as to how you are perceived as a leader. Some leaders can pull this off, but most can’t.

Now if you are talking about a winning attitude, then a ‘with attitude’ persona is vital, let me explain. If you are talking to a prospect then it is important how you come across when entering into dialogue with them.

You have to have the millionaire mindset, be totally chilled out and approachable, but you have to look at recruiting as an effortless action, with no attachment whatsoever to the outcome.

Think about this very carefully because this could well determine your success in your home business or similar.

You have to come across to the prospective partner as an authority on your subject and reasonably friendly, but at the same time, you have to portray that you are a leader and will make it with or without that particular individual.

In other words, the leader ‘with attitude,’ will be a winner.

I do believe that there is a fine dividing line between a winning attitude and a person ‘with attitude.’ who is obnoxious.

So how do you differentiate between the two then?

I think the difference is that the great leader knows where he is going in life and the other person gets that message straight away and will normally want to be around that person.

However, as a leader, you must give superb service, guidance, and mentor that new person and not just take their money and give very little in return.

I think a person with attitude has to be extremely careful how they use this outward expression. Are you quite happy about your attitude towards other people? This is definitely one thing you need to be happy about and adopt the right balance in your dealings with others.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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