Wipe The Slate Clean And Start Afresh

Wipe The Slate Clean Now

Whether you have previously had great wins, mediocre results or worse last month, with your network marketing business, it is time to press that reset button and start over again. It is a brand new 30 days, so start the new month with a bang, today. What can you do to either improve or start to get results? Wipe the slate clean.

Well the first thing you can do is wipe the slate clean. Learn from but do not live in the past, whether good or bad and start a new month. October has gone for ever and only November matters.

In fact you should start afresh every day and every week. Its refreshing and exciting to begin again regularly. You basically reinvent yourself on a continual basis.wipe-the-slate-clean-and-start-afresh

I read a great article:

Forgive to Create Success in Life and Business

There are pages and pages of advice about how to succeed in life and business, but one aspect of success that rarely receives proper discussion is the act of forgiveness.  How does forgiveness lead to success in life and business you ask?  When you forgive a person or an organization for any wrong committed against you, you release that from your heart and mind so that resentment will no longer build like poison in your soul.

I’d like to give a you working definition of forgiveness as many people think of forgiveness in different ways.  I define forgiveness as releasing a person or persons from the debt of “paying” for their wrong actions against you.  It is a wiping of the slate, a pardoning, an act of will (not a feeling) that you decide to do.  Right here, please allow me to discuss what forgiveness is NOT.  It is not allowing a person to wrong you over and over again without natural consequences.  Forgiveness does not mean that we continue to put ourselves in harm’s way.  Forgiveness does not even mean that we forget the wrong.  It is possible to remember a wrong and use our wisdom and grace to both forgive and allow for natural consequences to come into play as God sees fit…

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You could in fact start a new 90 day challenge or goal, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. It is your life and no-one else’s, so make some fast decisions with your network marketing business or today will be gone forever.

Go get them Tiger, wipe the slate clean.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Wipe the slate clean today.