Winning Is A Habit

Winning Is A Habit Now And Always

Winning is a habit, ask the people who dare to dream, play hard and achieve greatness.

You have heard people say that they are, ‘On a roll.’ Well, that basically means that their luck appears to be in. But, is it really luck or is it a combination of good feelings, added together with knowing what one wants, massive action and supreme confidence.

You see all the successful people I have read about practiced daily, they put a lot of consistent and persistent action into every day as well.

These habit-forming winners knew their outcome exactly and went for it, but the cream on top of the cake was their unshakeable confidence. Their confidence was sky high and they knew that they would win.

Now I am assuming that you want to win, so basically you will need to develop a winning plan based on great daily incremental habits. This is how you build up the confidence to go for the big goal, dream or ambition.

winning is a habitRemember winning is a habit, but more importantly, it is all about ‘doing the thing’ and getting ‘in the zone’. Adopting the correct posture/attitude and just plain old getting on with it.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Winning is a habit.