Willingness To Quit

The Willingness To Quit Is Rife

The willingness to quit is prevalent in today’s society. Instant gratification is demanded by our nano second culture. Too many people quit rapidly in network marketing and there are a tremendous amount of reasons why.willingness to quit

The first reason that people are eager to quit is that they do not see microwave success quickly enough. They place a few ads and think that the money is just going to roll in. They become frustrated in as little as a few days and are never seen again.

To me they are cowards who will never succeed at anything. Secondly, people show an eagerness to quit is because they fear something like criticism. They get all excited and attempt to tell the people that they are around most of the time and two or three people shoot them down in flames.

Basically they are kicked down and cannot or will not get back on the horse. You have to understand that when you come across something like MLM or network marketing you will have to learn some skill sets and one of those is patience. You have to be creative, consistent and persistent,

if you want to have any chance of succeeding. I have spoken to many people who have quit and I always ask them what it was that made them quit. The main reasons are indifference, a lack of patience, unwilling to learn what is required and just basic laziness. 

There is no hope for people like that. You also find two other types of people when it comes to quitting. There is the person who is just not willing to commit themselves and invest either time or money or both. Then there is the person who invests a lot of money and does absolutely nothing with the opportunity.

So, on the one hand, you have a person who has no skin in the game. He or she is not prepared to pay out a couple hundred bucks and step right in and just do it. Then you have the person with money who pays over $20,000 and still just lets it slide.

I have seen both on many occasions, they are not prepared to fight for their future. When I look for new distributors for my team I am looking for fighters, not money. People who prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into it. People with passion, purpose and abundant energy.

So the willingness and the eagerness to quit when faced with a problem, obstacle or challenge is a massive reason why people never become persistent and win.

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Willingness to quit.

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