Why Is Gratitude Important?

Why Is Gratitude Important To You And Me?

Why is gratitude important? Well let me run down a list of items that will give you an idea as to what gratitude does.why is gratitude important

It is impossible to be negative when you are grateful. It is impossible to criticize or complain about people or your circumstances with gratitude in your heart.

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How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle, and being aware on a continuous basis of how much you’ve been given.

Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. In addition, behavioral and psychological research has shown the surprising life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude.

Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, it improves health, and it reduces stress.

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You can’t feel sad when you are thankful. It reminds you of all of the great things and people in your life. It makes you aware of the things that are most important in this life.

It opens up your ability to attract more of what you want, because you appreciate what you already have.

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Why is gratitude important?

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