Push Yourself To The Limit

So Why Don’t You Push Yourself To The Limit

It makes common sense to push yourself to the limit, but it does depend on what you are engaged in.

I do not believe you can drive yourself hard all of the time, but you can occasionally, when you choose the battleground or timing. If you are not selective here you will find yourself burning out very quickly.

An sports professional who is training for an athletic event will build up gradually, hoping that they will peak at the right time. If that athlete gets it wrong and tries to always train at the upper limits constantly, they will probably break down, set themselves backwards and become totally ineffective.  

So it is okay to push yourself to the limit, but choose your battles and timing very wisely. Know when to turn it on all the way and when to back off.

push yourself to the limitSometimes a gradual build up is more preferable to the cut and thrust of an all out attack. The key here is to increase your performance slowly and consistently, over a longer period of time, rather than attempting the impossible or ultra difficult. 

When I started training for the marathon at age 29 I ran my first mile for many years and failed after three quarters of a mile and had to stop. Now my 9 month goal was to run a half marathon in 1 hour 30  minutes and here I was trying to run a mile and failing big time.

Now if I had chosen to push myself to the limit I would have definitely quit and never achieved my goal. 

So I remained focused on my goal, stuck to the training plan that I had adopted, used a great degree of flexibility and ran 1 hour 36. Was it a failure, no it was a great success.

You can push yourself to the limit at any time and I did that when training for the marathon. There came a time when I had to run 20 miles in training and I wanted to run the best time that i could. This is where I really stepped it up and pushed myself to the absolute limit. My goal was 2 hours 40 minutes and I did just that.

If my training had remained at that level for long periods of time I would have burned out before the main race.

The key was the flexibility, reading how my body felt and learning to roll with the punches, that allowed me to arrive at my goal. 

Now you can use this philosophy when involved in any project, sport or business opportunity. Persistence and consistency are the key components here, whilst you are on your journey to your destination. 

Know that you can operate at a high level of performance, but you will always need to relax at times and then pour it on when it really is required.  I find working to schedules works for me, but you will find your own way of moving forward effectively and efficiently.

In my network marketing business I would work Monday to Thursday and then take Friday to Sunday off. This way I have been able to recharge my batteries satisfactorily and come back fighting fit and refreshed.

It is all about balance and finding what works for you. However this must fit in with your life and how you want to run your world. Take a look at what other people do on a day to day basis and pinch ideas and tips, but to be totally in tune with things, choose your own path and you will feel much happier in the long run.

Here is to your success

Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System

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