Why Don’t You Confront And Conquer Procrastination?

Confront And Conquer The Lack Of Action

There is absolutely no excuse for your procrastination, is there? You must confront And Conquer Procrastination

Well maybe there may be the odd few, but for the vast majority, delaying action is pure laziness or lack of drive, nothing else.

It is important for you psychologically to get into action as soon as possible because any putting off or time off will increase the chance(s) that you will never get going.

I think the classic area where a lot of people wimp out and hate themselves, is in the area of their personal fitness. These people are either cowards or unadventurous in their attitude and actions. To be fair I have no time for either, whether it is a person who is indifferent or just can’t be bothered, also the person who is plain boring and doesn’t want to explore and try new and exciting (sometimes scary) things.
confront and conquer procrastination

Life is for living and part of that is driving on and becoming better at what we do. As they say, you are either moving forward or you are lagging behind. There is no middle ground here, it is either achievement or stagnation and it is your own choice which avenue you take, but don’t expect to hang around with action takers and achievers if you are lazy, because they will drop you like a stone, if they are smart cookies.

So, your procrastination is exactly that, your procrastination and it is poisonous for you, not anybody else. If you don’t start and continue, normally speaking it is you looking down at your overweight body, nobody else. Remember with a few exceptions, the mirror never lies, that is assuming the mirror is a quality mirror of course and not at the fairground.

Ok, let us say that you have decided that enough is enough and you want to become an action taker. WELL DONE! Remember confront and conquer procrastination today.

So there you are you got up early, psyched yourself up, warmed up and you are ready for that run. You know you have the ability to run, but because you have put it off for so long, you have put on quite a few pounds.

Now if you go straight out and try and run 2 or 3 miles, you will quickly decided that maybe this isn’t for you after all. So what do you do?

When I trained for the marathon I found on my first run that i couldn’t run a mile, hey not bad for a former athlete who had procrastinated for 11 years. You see you are not the only one with this bad habit.

So what did I do, give up, no way. I planned my route and the next time I walked the whole length of this very long 2 mile circuit. Why did you do that? I hear you say.

Now remember I said that the run was a mile, so what I did was look for landmarks, such as pubs, road signs and anything else that stood out and I did this every 50 to 100 yards.

When I ran it next time I made it to 1.1 miles and then 1.2 miles and so on. I knew I was unfit, aching and out of breath, but I conned myself by looking for the next landmark, in other words, I was using not only a plan but the principles of goal setting.

It worked like a dream and I always used it after that day and it served me, not only in my training but in things like studying for examinations or taking courses where you do things at your own pace.

So, when dealing with your procrastination, start small and increase slowly and build some kind of momentum. It won’t be long until you are flying high. Begin with those baby steps, keep it going and then look for tiny incremental progress daily.

The goal will be to banish your procrastination forever.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Confront And Conquer Procrastination

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